Ziddu.com is a Free Unlimited File Hosting which gives a commission to their members if their videos, photos or documents are downloaded by others. Why does ziddu.com pay their members? and where does ziddu.com get the budget or money to pay them?
Well, it is very simple to answer you know and here is why????
If we upload more files, it will give more chances for Ziddu.com to be visited by others who want to download their files. When uploading or downloading the files, indirectly we are also their visitors and help Ziddu.com to increase the traffic. As we know, if a website has a high traffic, for example; thousand traffics or even million traffics, it will invite the businessmen/advertisers to put an ads in that website (in this case, Ziddu.com). So, Ziddu.com gets the money/budget to pay their member from the advertisements in Ziddu.com.

How does Ziddu.com pay us? You will get $0.001 for every file which is downloaded by others. The commission will be paid through paypal or money bookers when your earning has minimal $ 10.As well as getting the dollars from the downloaded files, you can also get the dollars through your affiliation or inviting somenone to join Ziddu.com. We will get $0.10 for one referral. There are many ways to invite our friends to join Ziddu.com, such as sending e-mail to your friends (but do not be a spammer…ok), or you can use the most effective way, that is blog. Like what I am doing now, inviting you to join Ziddu.com.
Ok friends, from now if you like to share your files or try to get some dollars, don’t think twice or too long , click the banner below to join…ok.

sign up to ziddu here!

I don’t have a paypal account. Don’t worry, just click the banner below to make a paypal account.

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