Video UFO at Blok M Jakarta 2009

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Video UFO Flying at Blok M Jakarta is a strange enough phenomenon. Object photographed by a passing citizen in the area, Portrait UFO flying above floating apartment being studied astronomical observer LAPAN (Institute of Aeronautics and Space). Photo UFO flying in Blok M Jakarta, a strange flying object or Unidentified flying objects (UFO) hovering over an apartment in Jalan Pakubuwono or near Blok M, South Jakarta, a few days ago.

Although the emergence of an unknown object is still a debate. Many people say the story Flying saucer / UFO is an illusion and not true. While others admit this is real, regardless of the pro-cons in the appearance of UFO yanga and objects other space like a meteor fall. Another appeal was not due to natural phenomena and natural disasters had brought.
Massaging of 1883 randomly UFO flying in the sky above Mount Krakatoa, not so long ago it erupted Legendary Mt. March 11, 2009, when Jakarta and surrounding areas hit by heavy rain and high winds of a heavenly body suspected meteor fell to earth. A few days later, exactly on March 27 a small tsunami hit Situ Gintung.

Dated October 8, 2009 meteor exploded in the Gulf of Bone Sulawesi and 20:10 o'clock last night an earthquake hit North Sulawesi with the power of SR 5.1.

From the series of events occurs is it possible the emergence of the objects space is a sign of the earthquake and the disaster will happen? If it's true and what events will hit Jakarta?

UFO allegedly objects aka photographed a flying saucer was a citizen who refused to identity included. Had circulated the photo on Facebook, Thursday (15/10).

According to the photographer, the object is not accidentally caught the camera. At that time he was taking photographs of the apartment building at Jalan Pakubuwono VI, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, from the car.

When shots carefully observed, there were foreign objects floating above the apartment. When the image of a foreign body is enlarged, it looks like a plate with a number of windows at the bottom, like flying saucers in science fiction films made in Hollywood.

However, as some experts examined it, this picture was no metadata. Until last night there has been no official statement about the authenticity of the photo. Could it really a UFO in the Indonesian language is translated as a strange flying object (beta)?

Last night, Head Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) Adi says Salatun new Sadewo know about the rumors of UFO sightings in Jakarta that the mass media. However, Salatun also said that the appearance of foreign objects space is difficult to identify.

"The appearance of such objects that are difficult to identify. It depends on the situation allows, he can be detected or not, for example, accidentally caught in a visual form, as often happens during this, "he said.

"All this time, if there is a report about foreign objects, we immediately investigate the truth, such alleged fall of meteors in Bone, Sulawesi, last week. In events like that, people generally do not provide a formal report to Lapan and the news circulated in the media only, "said Adi.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Irvan, activists Ufonesia (UFO observers community), claimed to have seen the photo. According to him, during 2009, reports of UFO's beta less than in 2008. "The last report came from Bandung, precisely in Dago. But it can not we expect as a UFO, we are still in doubt, "he said in a conversation with Warta Kota, last night.

Irvan said, to determine a foreign object in the sky as a UFO, needs further observation. The reason could be the object is a plane or light bias.

"First to see photos or video. The most basic is the observation with the eyes of ordinary people and ordinary thinking, whether it is really an object (UFO) or dust on the camera lens, "he explained.

If the strange thing is reasonably suspected UFOs, the findings will be discussed by fellow researchers ufologi. Irvan also said that if witnesses in UFO cases Blok M is more than one person, then further investigation can be done.

Earlier on Thursday (8 / 10) afternoon, residents Bone, South Sulawesi, were startled by an explosion in space which was preceded by the light of the fire that moves quickly and leaves a thick smoke.

Residents could expect an explosion of light and it comes from airforce Sukhoi aircraft that exploded in the air. However, the airforce denied and said no Sukhoi Bone passing on that day.

UFO Kidnapped

Nur Augustine, activists Community Beta-UFO, some time ago stated that the UFO sightings often occur in the three cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, and Cirebon. Therefore, the UFO Community Beta-third called it the area with the term UFO Triangle in Indonesia.

In 2000, Beta-UFO receive reports from Cirebon on a six-year-old boy who was kidnapped UFO. The boy was separated from his friends when headed home after playing in the garden cane. Later, the boy whose name was kept secret admitted to play with five strange creatures scaly body.

According to the boy, he only briefly played with the fifth such strange creatures. However, her family frantically because the boy two weeks away. Nur Augustine also noted that the UFO is usually shown when the Earth is experiencing natural phenomena, such as earthquakes, the mountain erupted, and the storm.

On its website, Beta-UFO Community stated that during the year 2007 there are 32 reports of beta-UFO sightings in Indonesia that 11 of them occurred in the Greater Jakarta area. Some of them are not in the form of light. Meanwhile, throughout 2008 there were recorded 34 reports of UFO sightings-beta from all over Indonesia and 13 of them occurred in the Greater Jakarta area.

In January 2006, Yudi, residents Pondokgede, Bekasi, said she saw five beams of light in the sky. At that time, Yudi was relaxing with his family. The same experience happened Riyogarta Luwiyana, citizens Bintaro, Tangerang, as set out in this blog.

On March 26, 2006, while on his way to a restaurant in Bintaro, Riyogarta and his wife saw a strange object in the sky. They will have a short tail and green glittered.

Meanwhile, in December 2008, a citizen Petukangan, South Jakarta, recording a number of points of light in the sky moving fast. The videotape was sent and broadcast on a television station. Responding to these recordings, researchers Lapan, Sri Loka Prabotosari, states can not ensure that foreign objects.

Jufri (38), citizen Petukangan, admitted the phenomenon record and upload to YouTube. Jufri witnessing the bizarre phenomenon with his friends. At that time, they were burning the house sate in court when a beam of light in certain formations moving in space.
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