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Relaxation is necessary for each person. There are several options for you how to relax. One of them is to visit the beauty in Pandeglang Carita Beach. This includes sand beaches of the exotic with white sand. This beach has a forest on the back. The merit of this beach is the shape and state of pristine beaches.

It has a beautiful beach no less than other beaches in Indonesia. This Pandeglang carita beach is 45 km from the capital Pandeglang district. In order to enliven the event "Know and Go Tours in Pandeglang Object" Pandeglang provincial government has started to fix the tourist objects in Pandeglang district.
Pandeglang located on the island of Java in Indonesia banten province. Here are the district and the location of banten carita beach Pandeglang.

Lokasi Pantai carita pandeglang dalam rangka menyemarakkan "Kenali dan Kunjungi objek wisata pandeglang"
Pandeglang carita beach location in order to "Knowing and visit tourist attractions Pandeglang"
On this beach are guests carrying goods such as bicycles, fishing equipment, volleyball, or any other tool. Vacation will be fun if done with the family playing together while eating seafood that catch by own fishing.
Masak ikan kakap merah dalam rangka menyemarakkan "Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang"Cook the red snapper in the framework of "Visit Pandeglang"
Do not worry about security in this Pandeglang carita beach. Pandeglang district government has prepared this tourism object into a comfortable tourist attraction and safe. This food was very cheap, one of the typical food is emping melinjo Pandeglang. This Emping melinjo made from fruits melinjo (Gnetum gnemon L.) that have been flattened. Emping melinjo has some kind of sense of them emping fresh taste of shrimp emping, emping taste spicy, sweet, savory taste emping, emping taste spicy sweet, savory taste salty emping.
Emping melinjo dalam rangka menyemarakkan "Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang"
This is Emping melinjo Pandeglang foods rich in taste. Many entrepreneurs make this emping to the needs of tourists, so do not worry about running out. The tourists can get in the shops by-the closest to the location of the object of this carita beach tourism. Beside Melinjo emping, young coconuts are also cheap and fresh. So these foods do not deserve to pass up. In addition, tourists can also take the handycraft, unique Pandeglang Rhino Wood Sculpture, which is located in District Well and Cimanggu. This souvenir is the result of craft Pandeglang community.
Patung badak kayu dalam rangka menyemarakkan "Kenali dan kunjungi objek wisata pandeglang"
Another tourist attraction located in the Pandeglang including mortar cape tourism, coastal Alabama, ciputih beach, bathing cikoromoy, curug drum, sulfur hot spring cisolong, tour the mountain rocks, citaman natural bath, and the most famous national park Ujung Kulon. To view other tourist objects in Pandeglang, see this link. In accordance with the program being promoted by local governments recognize Come and visit tourist attraction in Pandeglang. If you've never been to Pandeglang, next vacation you should be to go there. You will not be disappointed with its natural charm, good vacation.

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