USB Pregnancy Tester

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Maybe in other countries it sounds usual that USB driver can be used as pregnancy tester but not in my county Indonesia. Today (25/10) it get booming just now via blog on internet. How late we are. Still so many Indonesianese that confuse how can be USB port detect whether a woman pregnant or not. In Indonesia it called as "USB: Alat penguji kehamilan". This device works with computer’s USB port, included software installed. Woman can always take a test anytime. Price is $18.

This USB pregnancy tester doesn’t work too much different from any conventional low-tech testers. You’ll just have to follow the same procedure as what you do with the low-tech tester, get it to contact with your urine. The USB connection will then start the electrospray ionization process on the device, creating a spectrograph of your urine. The only difference is this high-tech tester gives you a detailed spectrograph and analysis your hormone levels. Besides, using it as a tester for pregnancy you can also make use of the plotted data to predict your cycle, which can be used to tell the best time to get baby. This device is claimed to give 99% accuracy in detecting hCG, hCG-H and LH hormones. But, bear in mind, these hormones don’t necessarily indicate pregnancy or ovulation.

Maybe someday i'll can make my dream come true about discovery device that can read blood type, also amount of trombocytes so we can decrease victim that caused by blood fever.


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