This tutorial will help you to change easily your current template without deleting widgets.

  1. Create new blog. This is a test blog.
  2. Upload your new template to test blog. Help
  3. Go to Dashboard. Click to Layout of current blog (not new test blog) --> Edit HTML --> search for: <div id="sidebar"> copy all widget code between <div id="sidebar"> to </div>
  4. Now Go again to Dashboard. Click Layout (at new test blog) --> edit HTML --> search for <div id="sidebar"> --> paste all widget code that you have copied. Put it between <div id="sidebar"> to </div>
  5. Save
  6. Download and save full template of test blog
  7. Upload to your current blog layout, and you get new layout without deleting widge.


  1. mas gembel // July 21, 2010 11:36 PM  

    tanks,, nice info...

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